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Join this Webinar if...

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Tackle your School Discipline in 3 Steps with

Restorative PBIS

Get a handle on student behavior

support your teachers & students,

and find joy in your school again.


Who is this for?

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This webinar is for school leaders like you. You believe that schools should be safe, positive places but you are tired of out of control behavior, frustrated teachers, and angry parents and you are ready to build a school culture that allows you to impact your students lives in a positive way, make teachers feel heard and supported, and parents feel proud that their child attends your school!

Whether you’re…

A school site administrator who is run ragged by reactive, inconsistent approaches to student misbehavior, and despite your best efforts.You realize the need for proactive strategies and consistent systems because you're committed to forging a positive school culture for all.

A school district administrator who is disheartened by punitive disciplinary systems that push kids out of school rather than fostering repair and relationship-building. You've seen success with PBIS or Restorative Practices and you're set to scale these practices across multiple schools.

An aspiring school leader who wants to lead a school in an inspiring and transformational way, and you believe you can make that happen schoolwide.: Create an empathetic, nurturing environment where both students and educators flourish.

You're in the right place!

If you're thinking "this webinar sounds amazing!"

You should join us for this Live Webinar

if you are motivated by any of the following


You want to shorten the line at your door so you can focus on being an Instructional Leader

Whether it is classroom misbehavior, defiance and disrepect, or student conflict and bullying, you're fully aware that you don't have the time, or systems that you TRULY need to make the impact in student lives that you want.


You're not afraid to lead staff and students to transform your school

You know that if you don't intentionally shape the school culture, it'll shape itself. You see the challenges ahead as an opportunity to create a school environment that's not just safe and positive but truly restorative. And that could be your greatest career achievement.


You recognize that there is no "perfect time," and waiting is not the answer

You're fully aware that it's "Year 0" of an intentional transformation into becoming a Restorative School, and only YOU can decide. For what it's worth, if you don't decide to change your school culture, no one else will either.


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