In-Person training starts with a 2-day workshop and at least 1 day of On-Site Coaching per school. Approximately 6-8 weeks later is a 1-day workshop with 2 days of On-Site Coaching. Number of participants is unlimited. For more information, submit an iquiry.

Live Webinars can be scheduled as a stand-alone training or be part of a PBIS, Restorative Practices, or Wellness Program Series. Each Webinar will be preceded by a 30-minute Online Coaching session to ensure that the training is customized to your needs. Please indicate if you expect the number of participants to exceed 30.

Customize your staff professional development with a Blended approach of both In-Person TrainingLive Webinars, and Coaching tailored to your school's needs.

if you are experiencing

Fights & Aggression

Bullying & Harassment

Disrespect & Defiance

Out of Control, Unsafe Behavior

Staff Inconsistency

Teacher burn out

Siloed departments

Frustrated Staff

Messy Transitions

Embarrassing Assemblies and Rallies

Chaotic Cafeterias & Playgrounds

Broken relationships

there is a better way

How to book a training

Submit an Inquiry

School teams need to be aligned around how to create safe, positive, and restorative schools. Training will be customized for your staff and in a format that works best for you. Are you interested in On-Site In-Person Training, a Live Webinar Series, or a Blend of both? Would you like a focus on PBIS, Restorative Practices

Choose Training Format & Dates

In-Person training has a minimum of 3-days visits with a combination of workshops and coaching.

Live Webinars can be a stand-alone training or part of a series scheduled regularly throughout the year to support year-long implementation! 

Online Coaching available and customized to your needs.

Invite staff & Enjoy the Trainng

Laura will work with school leadership to plan a customized training either In-Person, Live Webinar, or Blended format. She will create a customized flyer to invite staff.

Create a safer, more positive and more restorative school today! 


"I was completely moved by Laura Mooiman's presentation. It reminded me of how much we are there to protect and serve students and the responsibility we have to keep them safe and loved every day. It is easy to get lost in all the assessment overview and instruction expectations, and her presentation was a great reminder that we are here because we love kids and want to give them great experiences in school." - new teacher

"Thanks for the great presentation today, you really have made me look forward to being on my site's PBIS team. You were my favorite and most helpful presentation of the New Teacher Academy. Your enthusiasm and positivity makes me want to go work in your office." - new teacher

“The overview of PBIS was important for me to hear.  thank you for the well organized, thoughtful, and informative day!”

- high school teacher

"I love the way you push teachers to getting 100% engagement!  Not only is it possible, it is crucial to moving reluctant learners forward." - Sarah, middle school teacher

"Your insights to at risk students was really enlightening to me.  I now understand better some of the push back I get from students.  I have so many students who are used to flying under the radar and when they now are expected to engage in the class, they are uncomfortable.  But they are doing it!" - high school teacher

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