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Restorative PBIS

Shorten the Line at the Principal's Door

while Transforming  your School Culture

with PBIS & Restorative Practices

This online course is the only step-by-step approach that will seamlessly integrate PBIS & Restorative Practices to help you cut down on problem behavior, boost your school climate, and increase the well-being of both teachers and students. In the course you will create a school environment that's not just safe and positive, but truly restorative. Your students and staff will thrive, feeling secure, acknowledged, and cherished while your parent community will feel proud and lucky that their children get to attend your school!

Restorative PBIS
Before I tell you all about this program, let's talk about
who this is really for...


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You're in the right place!

Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy will give you the tools, knowlege, confidence and support to shortening the line at the principal's door while transforming your school culture, increasing teacher fulfillment and  satisfaction.

And I’ll prove it! (Keep scrolling!)

Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy is for school leaders like you. You believe that schools should be safe, positive places but you are tired of out of control behavior, frustrated teachers, and angry parents and you are ready to build a school culture that allows you to impact your students lives in a positive way, make teachers feel heard and supported, and parents feel proud that their child attends your school!

Whether you’re…

A school site administrator who is run ragged by reactive, inconsistent approaches to student misbehavior, and despite your best efforts, your teachers are feeling “unsupported” because you are not being punitive enough, and your parent community is demanding more. You realize the need for proactive strategies and consistent systems because you're committed to forging a positive school culture for all, promoting equity and kindness, empowering both students and teachers to chart a clear path forward together.

A school district administrator who is disheartened by punitive disciplinary systems that push kids out of school rather than fostering repair and relationship-building. You've seen success with PBIS or Restorative Practices and, with a heart for children and families, you're set to scale these practices across multiple schools, positively impacting even more students and nurturing inclusive, supportive environments.

An aspiring school leader who wants to lead a school in an inspiring and transformational way, but up to this point, you haven’t found a leader you really want to emulate. You were able to create a positive supportive and inclusive classroom where students felt valued and respected, and you believe you can make that happen schoolwide.: Create an empathetic, nurturing environment where both students and educators flourish.

By the end of the Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy you will have...


Dramatically reduced problem behavior

Many schools experience up to a 40% reduction in problem behavior within the first month of implementing my Restorative PBIS framework.


Gained Parent Buy-In

No more angry parents in your office complaining about their child's teacher or other students. Instead they will feel their child is listened to and treated fairly - that they are safe and cared for in your school.


Improved School Climate

Schools that implement my Restorative PBIS framework consistently earn the highest school climate scores in their region (and yours will too!)


Turned your attention back to instructional leadership

Now that behavior isn't a 24/7 emergency taking up ALL of your time., imagine where you could lead your school...


Improved teacher & staff well-being

Teachers will no longer go home each night frustrated by student behavior but instead will be able to enjoy their students and improve their instructional practices.


The school every teacher wants to teach at and every parent wants their child to attend!

Funny Coincidence? Schools implementing my Restorative PBIS framework rarely have openings - and often a list of staff wanting to transfer in!

"What we learned from Laura, “If you don't have a community, then there's nothing to restore.”

“We had a long history of  high staff turnover due to student behavior.  But because of our work with Laura implementing Restorative Practices, last year I retained 95% of my staff, which had NEVER happened. I have no openings going into next year. I didn't even have to interview because I had teachers requesting to transfer in!”

Becca Bostwick


Lincoln County Schools, Oregon

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.31.21 AM.png
Plain and Simple: Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy 
hanges Lives and it's Officially OPEN for Enrollment.
Start Date September 30, 2024





Email if you need an invoice.


Melissa Becker


“Laura’s online courses are meaningful and powerful and will help you guide your school in one year a hundred steps up the ladder that it would've taken a lot longer to do. It's worth every penny - to get time with Laura is a gift!”


Janet Handley

Assistant Superintendant

Since working with Laura, we have reduced 67% suspensions overall in our district, and in one particular elementary school alone, saw a 55% reduction in just one year and our School Climate increased 10% overall.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.31.21 AM.png

Becca Bostwick


“I realized that the same teachers who were asking for harsher punishments were the same ones who would go sit out in the cold and watch their student’s football game on a Friday night. Now I can honestly say we are a restorative school and we have a common language. What we learned from Laura, and is now our school phrase, “If you don't have a community, then there's nothing to restore.”

What is inside Restorative PBIS Principal's Academy?



Kick Start Your Journey

Here's why it pays to learn from someone who's gone before you - I know exactly where most schools get stuck when trying to address student behavior problems an transform their school culture. In this module, we're going to answer the question: Why do kids misbehave and why doesn't traditional discipline seem to work?

We'll set you up for success by getting some big decisions out of the way to help you achieve TOTAL clarity about where you're going and HOW you're going to get there.

Module 1 Highlights:

  • What exactly is PBIS, MTSS, and Restorative Practices? And how can they fit together into a single streamlined roadmap?

  • Get answers to this common questions so that you can clearly explain it to your staff and parents and get buy in so you can move forward feeling clear and confident

  • Implement Change with Resistant Staff and get some traction with two crucial restorative leadership frameworks to build trusting relationships with your staff and create a solid foundation for getting them on board in ways that are supportive but also hold people accountable.

  • Take stock of where your school is and make a plan on what steps you need to take to move forward

  • Get sample language for parent letters, family handbook, and parent information night messsaging!

  • Gather easy to find baseline data so you can track your own progress in a way that is meaningful to you and your staff!

Navigate Implementation & Gain Staff and Parent Buy-in



Build Relationships & Community

Connect with Circles in the Classroom and Staff Room

It's time to roll up your sleeves and get started changing our school culture and learn the ins and outs of running circles both in classrooms and with your staff.

Module 2 Highlights:

  • Learn a schoolwide framework to establish consistent, high quality circles in every classroom including a model schedule that will seamlessly integrate your school SEL, PBIS, and Restorative Practices

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of how to facilitate circles - for both students AND staff -  everything from the physical arrangement to the use of talking pieces and centerpieces

  • Get the exact Circle Planning Guide that I use, a set of Circle Guidelines that work for students and staff alike, and a huge list of Questions for Classroom Circles that will set you up for months of circles!

  • Circle Fidelity Checklist for teachers to self-evaluate the quality of their circles!

  • Manage Behavior in Circles - being inclusive while still holding students accountable

  • Use staff circles to make collaborative decisions and align disjointed or fragmented staff

  •  Keep control of staff meetings so you don’t lose them to resistant staff grandstanding or going down rabbit holes

  • Reduce gossip, increase direct comunication, and bring even the most reluctant staff on board

  • Ease tensions and increase trust with the art and science of having fun with your students and staff with Icebreakers, Games and Activities


No matter where your school is, you need this module!



Establish & Teach Expectations

Collaboratively (PBIS with a Restorative Twist)!

In this module we will be gaining some consistency around your school so that teachers feel supported and students won't feel targeted or anxious.

Module 3 Highlights:

  • Get some tried and true tools and scripts to get input into your school expectations to get maximum staff buy in and transform student behavior!

  • Significantly reduce problem behavior in your school in a matter of weeks (up to 40% reduction in 1 month!)

  • Win back time and get out of your office by "shortening the line at the principal's door”

  • When you integrate restorative responses to harm, you will have time to use them!

  • Include staff and students in the creation of schoolwide expectations because, believe it or not,  just sitting in a room with a few people from your PBIS Team making the rules might just fail to get the buy-in you need!

  • Learn some simple, efficient strategies to establish expectations collaboratively and get buy-in from both staff and students.

  • "They should know by now!" we will talk about  why to teach expectations regularly and consistently on your campus.

  • I will offer you a model teaching schedule, circle scripts for teaching students in authentic ways through circles and even a map to organize a schoolwide teaching that I like to call a Rules Roundabout!


This module is the KEY to getting behavior under control in your school.



Create a Positive School Culture

Reinforce Expectations and Show Genuine Appreciation

In this Module, we will talk about how to create a positive school culture by setting up Positive Systems to reinforce respectful behavior, show genuine appreciation, and create strong relationships

Module 4 Highlights:

  • Scale positivity in your school as a system, AND how to create genuine connection and appreciation

  • The best ways to get staff to buy-in including answering their questions with research (instead of opinion) and including them in the positive systems!

  • Learn what science tells you (not just opinion) is the easiest, fastest way to improve school behavior, and how to actually do it.

  • Get clear on what terms like positive Reinforcement, rewards, acknowledgement, recognition systems or “behavior specific praise” mean

  • Improve behavior by 80% just by being positive alone! Now that is efficient!

  • HOW to integrate more restorative ideals to your positive system including which rewards you choose and layering in more authentic and genuine praise that build connection and relationships between students and staff.

  • Downloald Appreciation and Gratitude circle scripts to use with students and staff right away!


Embrace positive systems and connect more with students in order to create the supportive learning environment for both educators and students. In short, make school more fun for everyone!



Respond to Behavior & Harm

with Restorative Language & Processes

Here's why it pays to learn from someone who's gone before you - I know exactly where most schools get stuck when trying to address student behavior problems an transform their school culture. In this module, we're going to answer the question: How to Move from Traditional, punitive discipline to Restorative Discipline? What systems and practices can you keep and what do you change?

Module 5 Highlights:

  • Take stock of your current discipline system - is it reactive? does it depend on the adult responding (mood, training, experience)?

  • How to shift from a punitive, reactive approach to a positive, consistent approach when responding to behavioral errors

  • How to move from a 'personality-based' response to a schoolwide system using evidence based PBIS, MTSS, and Restorative Practices to create a seamless system that ensures consistent, predictable responses

  • How to explain it to your staff and parents and get buy in when they are asking for harsher consequences? or no consequences? 

  • Learn how to facilitate Restorative Chats, Mediations, and Circles to resolve conflicts and repair harm.

  • Download restorative circle scrips, re-entry from suspension scripts that you can use right away!

  • Step by step staff training examples including handouts and slides!

Make the shift from traditoinal to restorative disciplne with Restorative Consequences​



Data Based Decisions

Gain momentum by identifying problems and measuring success!

In this module, we're going to learn how to use data to make decisions so that you can efficiently and effectively meet the needs of students and your school community. That’s right, no more sitting in meetings, celebrating the problem - instead you will use your time to craft good solutions to actual problems.

Module 6 Highlights:

  • Don't get sucked into the wrong conversations but instead use data for empowering, action planning sessions

  • Learn how to redirect unhelpful conversations that are not backed by any data like “behavior is out of control,” or “there are no consequences anymore.” and direct it to helpful conversations that lead to solutions!

  • Use data to tell the true story and keep your implementation on track

  • Use data to get staff and parent buy in when they are asking for harsher consequences

  • Keep yourself and everyone else encouraged by regularly looking at your data.

Use data to redirect unhelpful conversations, bring staff on board in a transparent way and keep your implementation on track!



Trouble-Shooting Checklist for Principals

5 Steps to Get it Right When Things Go Wrong

Put it all together with my top secret school coaching tool that will incorporate everything you have been working on into a single checklist to trouble-shoot even the most entrenched problems facing your school.

Module 7 Highlights:

  • Walk with me through the exact process I follow when coaching schools.

  • Feel like I am right there with you, your own personal school culture coach!

  • Step by step instructions to untangle your trickiest problems (that don’t seem to be budging despite all your efforts) w

  • Keep your implementation on track by coming back to the trouble-shooting checklist time and time again!

It's like having me on your shoulder, helping you know what to do next.

Restorative PBIS Academy Graduation

Celebrate Our Progress and Share Successes!

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These Bonuses To Help You Generate Buy-in and
Train Your Staff!

$1497 VALUE

8 weeks of LIVE Q & A Sessions

with Laura

Inside the Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy Facebook Community for Members Only

Never get left behind. That's the promise I'm making you inside the private Restorative PBIS Academy Facebook group.

Our private, members only Facebook group is an active, highly engaged community of school leaders who are on the exact same journey as you are. Meaning, you'll get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks, if you were to go it alone. With me and your peers in your corner, you'll turn isolation to inspiration - and frustration into fearlessness. 

Facebook Group.png


What You'll Get:

  • 8 weeks of LIVE Q & A Sessions with Laura to make sure you get your burning questions answered and move forward with clarity and confidence

  • An Active and Highly Supportive Facebook Community with fellow school leaders and Laura Mooiman to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

  • Small Accountability Groups (think 2-4 people) so you can get personalized attention, fast feedback and a double dose of encouragement to keep you on track.

  • Overcome isolation and constantly fill your motivation tank by connecting with other school leaders who "get" the journey and are doing this brave important work with you.

What You'll Get:

  • 5 R Response Training video for your staff - engaging training for your next staff meeting to prevent bullying in their classrooms and to know how to respond when it does happen

  • Classroom Circle Script - materials to Prevent Bullying in every classroom

  • Restorative Circle Script - materials to Respond to Bullying

  • Restorative Agreement form and No Contact Agreement form

  • Bullying Response Protocol - a checklist for administrators to ensure the best outcomes (and to make sure they don't miss anything!)

  • Sample parent letter

  • Policy Recommendations for Bullying for School Districts

Bullying Response Protocol_edited.png
Bullying Course.png

$197 VALUE



Restorative Responses to Bullying

Staff Training Module & Support Materials for Administrators

Inside Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy Alone, You Get...

7 Implementation Modules
showing you EVERYTHING you need to do to transform your school into a safe, positive and restorative place with happy kids and teachers (and parents too!)
Next level restorative responses
that will go beyond reactive punishment and will instead promote accountability, listening, learning and healing (among both students AND staff)!
Restorative Discipline Flowchart
to make sure you respond to challenging behavior with a focuses on relationships and restoration that is not based upon the mood or personality of the staff member who happens to be there at the time but instead is a reliable system that will endure.
A complete step by step implmentation plan including how to get buy in from teachers, students, and even parents! Everything you need from sample student handbook language, sample parent letters, and even tips on creating community agreements with staff to become aligned as a Restorative School with a path forward together.
That's over a $3191 value!
Restorative PBIS Multiple devices.png
When you add in the bonuses that simplify each step of your Restorative PBIS journey...

Thats a real world value of $3,191






Email if you need an invoice.

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

If this was me back in 2009 in the thick of the everyday drama and crisis response of school life (with barely time to eat my lunch), deciding whether to invest a few hours per week and almost $1500 into my school - my scrolling fingers would race to this part of the page!

I get it!

You're not afraid to invest time and money in your school as long as there will be measurable outcomes to show for it (sooner rather than later.)

So here's why you can place your confidence in a money-back guarantee and set any enrollment nerves aside.

By the end of the 14 days, you'll have received access to the first two modules of Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy.

Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to kickstart your journey by planning your implementation AND begin creating community with classroom and staffroom circles BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally convinced that this will transform your school by 4:00 PM (PST) on February 12, 2024 simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment.

Full details here 

Risk Free 14-day guarentee_edited.png
  • Do you accept Purchase Orders?
    Yes, there are 2 options to register. One of the options is to upload a district P.O. Make sure you upload the P.O. before the due date. You can upload your P.O. here.
  • What is the length of the course?
    The course runs for 8 weeks but you can go at your own pace. Changing your school culture takes time! So don't worry, you'll have access to the course for as long as we offer the course. This means you'll also have access to updated content.
  • What happens if I get behind on the course?
    No worries, you can go through this course at your own pace. We understand that changing your school culture takes time, so we are committed to you! You'll have access to the course for as long as we offer the course. And you don't need to worry if you miss any of the live sessions. All live sessions will be recorded and posted.
  • What is the cost of the course?
    The course will be $1497 and will include lifetime access to video modules, implementation materials and protocols, Live Q & A sessions, and your Accountability Pod of like-minded school leaders working toward the same goal of creating a more positive, restorative school.
  • I am fairly new to Restorative Practices & PBIS? Will this be too advanced for me?
    Absolutely not! This course will delve into the fundamental aspects of both Restorative Practices and PBIS. If you're just starting and need to establish a solid groundwork for these programs, I suggest taking your time to fully implement them before progressing too quickly. Here is the upside for you: What's exciting is that the initial year of PBIS implementation often yields significant results – I've witnessed schools reduce problem behavior by 60% within the first month alone! While the subsequent work may not reflect as prominently on a graph, it significantly contributes to deep and meaningful improvements in student and teacher wellbeing.
  • We've been doing PBIS for a long time, will this course be too basic for us?
    Not at all! While this course briefly covers the fundamental aspects of PBIS (in only one module) its main focus is on incorporating a "Restorative Twist" into your existing PBIS systems. For instance, imagine taking the process of establishing schoolwide expectations – if previously done with a small group, why not involve both your staff and students in a circle to collaborate and gather feedback together? Given your solid foundation in PBIS, you'll swiftly progress to integrating key elements of Restorative Practices into your school framework. Your advantage lies in your understanding of creating and utilizing schoolwide systems to yield significant results. You'll leverage these same systems to make headway in implementing Restorative Practices!
  • When will we be meeting LIVE?
    In our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions you can connect with other school leaders and ask Laura your toughest questions. These sessions will rotate days and times to ensure the most people can attend at least some of them. Stay tuned for specific dates and times!
  • What is the weekly time commitment for the course?
    The total time commitment is about 3 hours per week, including watching the weekly videos, attending LIVE Q&A sessions, and meeting with your accountability pod.
  • Is the class conducted live or through pre-recorded videos? How is the information delivered
    Both! Pre-recorded videos: The course has 8 modules which are released each week (you can find out more about the content of each module here). Each module has 4-8 videos of 4-12 minutes in length. There is also a wealth of PDF files with implementation activities, worksheets, and reference guides. Live: In our weekly LIVE Q&A sessions you can connect with other school leaders and ask Laura your toughest questions. These sessions will rotate days and times to ensure the most people can attend at least some of them. Stay tuned for specific dates and times! Live: You'll also be part of an accountability pod which consists of 4 or 5 other educational leaders. Each accountability pod decides when they meet. Also, join our private Facebook group, where you'll connect with current enrollees and alumni. It's the perfect place to ask questions, share experiences, and support fellow school leaders.
Ready to create the school you want and your students need?





Email if you need an invoice.

If you're thinking "this sounds amazing but I'm still not 100% sure" keep reading...

You should give Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy a 14-day risk free try if you are motivated by any of the following


You want to shorten the line at your door so you can focus on being an Instructional Leader

Whether it is classroom misbehavior, defiance and disrepect, or student conflict and bullying, you're fully aware that you don't have the time, or systems that you TRULY need to make the impact in student lives that you want. More importantly, you'd prefer not to spend the rest of your career punishing kids while having teachers and parents angry that you are not doing "enough."


You're not afraid to lead staff and students to transform your school

By now, you fully understand that if you don't intentionally shape the school culture, it'll shape itself. But that doesn't scare you—it actually energizes you! You see the challenges ahead as an opportunity to create a school environment that's not just safe and positive but truly restorative. And that could be your greatest career achievement.


You recognize that there is no "perfect time," and waiting is not the answer

That doesn't mean you don't break a sweat when you think about pressing the buy button below and investing time and money into your school. But it does mean that you're fully aware that it's "Year 0" of an intentional transformation into becoming a Restorative School, and only YOU can decide. For what it's worth, if you don't decide to change your school culture, no one else will either.


Still on the fence?

Give us a call!

Whenever I'm about to make a big decision the most comforting thing is to speak to someone about it.

We would love to set up a call with you so we can see if Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy is a good fit, answer any questions about the course, and see whether this opportunity is right for you.

Restorative PBIS isn't Magic...

But it IS a powerful, reliable, and evidence-based way to decrease problem behavior and increase school climate without falling into the all-too-common school administrator trap of relying on 'consequences' and 'punishment' to change student behavior.

Whether you dream of a school filled with happy kids and teachers, or aim to ensure your staff feels valued and heard...

Or whether you feel like you are stuck in your office dealing with misbehavior and want to get back into classrooms,  or you hope to learn swift and effective ways to address behavior - 

Restorative PBIS holds the key.


It can unlock levels of staff and student well-being that seemed unreachable and completely revolutionize your school. It will teach you simple strategies and streamlined framework to get your time back, lead your school with the focus and clarity you need and rekindle your passion for why you started in the first place, 

Because here is the truth.

It's not the most highly educated, well-connected, or the most charming school administrator that creates the schools everyone wants to be part of. 

It's the ones who are open to trying, humbly inviting others to join, and committing to working together to create a  happier, fairer and more inclusive school environment, not just for children but for the adults too.

Plain and Simple: Restorative PBIS School Leadership Academy 
hanges Lives and it's Officially OPEN for Enrollment.
Start Date September 30, 2024





Email if you need an invoice.


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