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Laura Mooiman giveing Live webinar for retorative practices and positive behavior interventions support


Whether you are in distance learning mode, in-person, or a hybrid model somewhere in between, teachers and staff still deserve high quality professional development.

Live Webinars are customized to your school needs and can be scheduled at a time convenient for your school. Webinars may cover topics such as PBIS, Restorative Practices, and Wellness Programming

All Webinars are highly engaging and include:

-videos      - break out rooms      -role plays     -skills practice

Webinars include all preparation time and a 30-minute Online Planning session with me to ensure that the training is tailored specifically to your school needs.

To plan your Webinar schedule a free call below.

 $500 per 1-hour                            webinar

RP Webinar Series.png

Restorative Practices



Learn how to build community with Classroom Circles as well as how to respond to harm wth Restorative Chats, Mediation, and Circles!

PBIS Webinar Series thumbnail.png

Schoolwide PBIS


Learn how to create positive school climate and how to prevent and respond to challenging behavior with schoolwide PBIS.

Steve Portrait.jpg

Steve Barlow

Mathematics Teacher

International School of The Hague

The Netherlands

I recently attended an online training hosted by Laura based on Restorative Practices.  As a year 8 mentor, I was keen to learn about tried and tested approaches to help resolve disagreements or correct misbehaviours amongst students.  The sessions were efficiently coordinated, provided the opportunity to test out theories in break-out sessions, and importantly supplied concrete take-away action points which can be immediately applied to resolve conflict.  I would thoroughly recommend Laura's training to build a more positive student/teacher relationship


Eileen Pharo, MEd

Kindergarten Teacher

Prestwood Elementary, Sonoma CA

 I appreciate the Restorative Practices training series format because it gave me a glimpse into the past and what has and has not functioned well and why.  This training offers a research-based approach that has proven results. The format is clear and the information is valuable, well organized, and appropriate. The opportunity to practice and role-play adds depth and understanding of this new learning. Laura's kind and compassionate demeanor make it all the better!

Praise for LIVEWEBINARS with Laura

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