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This Restorative Practices Circle Script Starter Pack is organized into 4 sections:


Getting Started: How to Run a Classroom Circle

Learn to establish circle guidelines and get a circle planning worksheet with lists of circle questions to get you started!


Classroom Community Building Circles

Use these circles to build a strong classroom community, establish classroom norms and values, and provide a strong foundation to return to when things go wrong.


Instructional Circles

Classroom circles can also be instructional in nature, teaching social-emotional learning (like Second Step), teach PBIS schoolwide expectations and even teach academic concepts to facilitate effective discussion and sharing.


Problem Solving Circles

Teachers can facilitate classroom problem solving circles to respond to class tensions and conflicts. They also can provide clear and effective responses to misbehavior or harm with far better outcomes than school discipline alone.


Circle Scripts Starter Pack: 10 Restorative Practice Classroom Circles

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