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I'm Laura Mooiman

And if you have landed on my site, you are probably an educator and you are interested in making your school a safe, positive and restorative place for you and your students!

On my site you will find resources, professional development, and action steps necessary to build the safe, positive, and restorative school you want and your students need.

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Restorative Behavior Response Flow Chart
Staff circle value and norms
Parent Phone call script
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For over 25 years as a school social worker turned district administrator, I struggled to find solutions to bullying, punitive and disproportional discipline, student mental health issues and teacher stress. After years of wrangling various initiatives, I finally cracked the code.

My unique approach created the school transformations that I was seeking, and not just one school at a time, but all 30 of our schools received national recognition:

  • 75% reduction in suspensions

  • 99% reduction in expulsions

  • 99%tile for School Climate in the state (California Healthy Kids Survey).


My tried-and-true framework blends PBIS, Restorative Practices, and MTSS seamlessly into a simple 5-step roadmap that cuts down on problem behavior, boosts school climate, and increases the well-being of both teachers and students. No more stumbling in the dark or feeling overwhelmed about where to begin – I've got you covered.

Want to find out how to transform your school?

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PBIS and Restorative practices are two of the most widely used initiatives in schools to improve school culture. And rightfully so because

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