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Create a Safe, Positive, and
Restorative School today. 

Laura's training & consulting integrates PBIS and 
Restorative Practices, flexibly delivered online or in-person to meet your school's unique needs, anywhere in the world.

if you are experiencing

Fights & Aggression

Bullying & Harassment

Disrespect & Defiance

Chaotic Cafeterias


Teacher Stress & Burnout

Strained Relationships Between Staff & Students

Interpersonal Conflicts

Feeling stuck

Available training options don't fit your unique needs


Lack of follow through after sending staff to training

Failure to gain momentum because you can only train a few staff at a time

there is a better way

there is a better way

Laura Mooiman Pricipal Coaching on playground supervision

create the school you want and your students need

  • Integrate PBIS & Restorative Practices in a single implementation

  • Calm, safe, orderly school atmosphere

  • Improved student behavior

  • Increased student & teacher wellbeing

  • Improved student & staff relationships


  • Tailored to meet your school needs

  • Real practical tasks to complete, not irrelevant activities

  • Flexible and customized to fit your schedule online or in-person

  • Affordable pricing

  • Coaching online or in person at your school - anywhere in the world!

How to book a training

1. Schedule a FREE Call

In a short call with Laura, plan a customized training for your staff in a format that works best for you. 

Are you interested in a Live Webinar, a budget-friendly Online Implementation Course, or

In-Person Training & Coaching

at your school?

What should the focus of the training be for your unique needs?

2.     Choose Training Format         & Dates

Live Webinar, full-day In-Person Training & Coaching (minimum 3-day contract), or the

Online Implementation Course

(15 short video sessions, 10-15 min each, designed to be shown during staff meetings at your convenience + 10 hours of LIVE 1 on 1 coaching? Choose dates and times that work for you!

3. Invite Staff & Enjoy the Training

Invite your staff, then sit back and enjoy an engaging training complete with materials, handouts, and activities to increase staff skills and create schoolwide alignment.

Create a safer, more positive, and more restorative school today! 

Outside circle with elementary students

Laura has been there before. She gets it.

After over 20 years as a school social worker then district administrator, Laura worked to find solutions to bullying, punitive and disproportional discipline, and student mental health issues. Laura's unique approach of blending PBIS & Restorative Practices brought her national and international recognition:

  • 75% reduction in suspensions

  • 99% reduction in expulsions

  • 99%tile for School Climate in the state (California Healthy Kids Survey).

Many trainers fail to recognize that schools must implement many initiatives simultaneously. Laura does that work for you by blending Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Restorative Practices, Social-Emotional Learning and Student Wellness Programming seamlessly into a single implementation for schools. On their own, each of these programs shapes school culture and in unison they create long-lasting sustainable school transformation.

Avoid implementation fatigue in your school, significantly cut back on the number of training days and costs, and optimize real results. So often staff training is pre-packaged and not designed with your school in mind. Laura works closely with school and district leadership to tailor customized training specific to your needs. Training and coaching is flexibly designed to be in person, online, or a combination of both based on your schedule and your budget. 


Latest Blog Posts

Adam Stein Executive Director sonoma county selpa

Adam Stein,

Executive Director Sonoma County SELPA

Laura is a very skilled presenter. Her compassion for everyone is palpable and leads to a strong connection both to her and her material.  She is highly regarded in this area.

Barb Nemko Superintendent of Schools Napa County

Barb Nemko

Superintendent of Schools Napa County

Laura Mooiman has a wealth of experience with a variety of programs including special education,  bullying prevention and restorative practices, as well programs for positive school climate.  She will provide, in an interactive and engaging fashion, a vast array of practical and useful tools that teachers and counselors can begin using on Monday morning.

Jeffrey Sprague, PhD Professor Special Education, University of Oregon Director Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior

Jeffrey Sprague, PhD

Professor Special Education, University of Oregon

Director Institute on Violence and Destructive Behavior

Laura is a superb staff developer and can organize efficient and effective
professional development across multiple interventions and topics. Laura has a rich and deep history related to prevention and intervention systems

Maren Rocca-Hunt, Executive Director Elementary Education Napa Valley Unified School District

Maren Rocca-Hunt,

Executive Director Elementary Education

Napa Valley Unified School District

Laura Mooiman's experience in social work and her understanding of public schools positions her to support PBIS and Restorative practice from a systems perspective.

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