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What's Restorative Practices?


Restorative Practices is a set of skills for building community and for responding to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue, coming to understanding, and making things right. .  Restorative Practices in schools, is a mindset, a way of relating to others. It challenges traditional school discipline models with the goal of increasing equity and improving school culture. 

Restorative Practices fall on a continuum of classroom based, less structured conversations up to more intense, more planning required, office managed strategies.  These practices include classroom circles, affective language, restorative chats, restorative mediation, restorative circles and restorative conferences & re-entry circles.  These tools and strategies  draw on the belief that respectful communication helps reduce conflict and repair relationships. Evidence on the effects of restorative practices demonstrates decreases in suspensions, office referrals, expulsions, and reports of violent behavior.